marți, 8 ianuarie 2013

Airbag - “Reminiscent of a late nite, laid back Pink Floyd”

Airbag’s music is perhaps best described as scenic, epic rock or, as legendary Classic Rock Magazine said: “Reminiscent of a late nite, laid back Pink Floyd”. Airbag’s two hugely successful album releases, Identity (2009) and All Right Removed (2011), has gained the band a solid following and reputation among both fans and the press. After having played in different projects together, Airbag was formed in 2004 by five class mates from Oslo, Norway. The band recorded their first EP, Come On In, the same year, followed by Sounds That I Hear (2006) and Safetree (2008). Although recorded for promotional use, the EPs were offered for free on the band’s website and got over 230.000 downloads within just a few months. The networking payed off and Airbag signed with Norwegian label Karisma Records in early 2009.
Airbag’s debut album, Identity (2009), featured remixed versions of most of the songs from the Sounds That I Hear and Safetree EPs. The album exceeded all expectations and was received with rave reviews, – peaking with the single Colours at top 3 on Polish radio in early 2011. 

The second release, All Rights Removed (2011), saw Airbag moving in a more conceptual direction with long, epic pieces and dramatic instrumentation. The album comprises six thematic songs including the 17 minute Homesick (part I-III). The release is also the first with Henrik Fossum on drums. All Rights Removed received six Best Prog Release of the Year 2011 awards and numerous top ranking listings.