sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012

When the Wind Blows

“When the Wind Blows” is a British animated film, directed by Jimmy Murakami and based upon Raymond Briggs’ graphic novel of the same name. The Film was released in 1986, and with musical score composed by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame.

The plot synopsis from The International Movie Database page for the film is as follows…

With the help of government-issued pamphlets, an elderly British couple build a shelter and prepare for an impending nuclear attack, unaware that times and the nature of war have changed from their romantic memories of World War II.

The film starts out on an optimistic note, and some time is spent establishing the characters, the elderly Briggs couple, and the setting; a Britain that is coming ever closer to a nuclear conflict. With this looming over their heads, the Briggs attempt to secure themselves from harm by following governmental instructions, only to find that when nuclear war does break out that they are woefully unprepared. Ending on a sombre and grim note, the film has a powerful message on the futility of war.

In the depths of rural England Jim and HIlda Bloggs happily live out retirement. They are the typical English couple, eating sausages and chips for lunch, and drinking endless cups of tea. Deeply patriotic, believing in a government which brought its people victoriously through two world wars, their life seems simple and trouble free. Then comes the bomb!

"When The Wind Blows" is a motion picture based on Raymond Brigg's best-selling novel. It is a powerful, unforgettable story about the consequence of nuclear war and it makes a horrific point! Released in October 1986 and featuring music and songs by Roger Waters, David Bowie, Genesis,and Squeeze, this animated masterpiece was created and produced by the makers of The Beatles motion picture, "Yellow Submarine". "When the Wind Blows" not only touches the heart but comes close to being the most disturbing animated feature since "Animal Farm".

The film features Peggy Ashcroft as the voice of Hilda, and John Mills as the voice of Jim. Produced by Roger Waters, and film score by Roger Waters, the album soundtrack for "When The Wind Blows" was released in England in December 1986, and in the US over a year later. Roger Waters composed and performed the entire second half of the album. The first half is a compilation of songs by David Bowie, Hugh Cornwell, Genesis, Squeeze, and Paul Hardcastle. David Bowie does the title track of the album and is also the first track in the film. It is a rousing emotionally charged peice which ranks in my opinion with his all time greatest!

Roger Waters plays his vocal and instrumental soundtrack compositions with his bleeding heart band who consisted at the time of: Roger Waters (Bass and Vocals), Matt Irving (keyboards), Nick Glenny Smith (keyboards), Jay Stapley (Guitar), John Linwood (Linn Programming), Freddie KRC (Drums), Mel Collins (Saxaphone), John Gordon (Bass), Claire Torry (Vocals), and with special guest Paul Carrack (vocals on 'Folded Flags').

Rogers work on this album, though mostly instumental, contains some of the best work he's ever done solo or not. One of the few vocal tracks, "The Towers of Faith" is my favorite all time Roger Waters song, and it does not even appear in the movie. The lyrics of When The Wind Blows are typical Waters; extremely emotional, cynical, satirical and biting!

The movie however is a great story, though a little gloomy. And it's a great piece of animation, done with special 3D animation effects it is truly a work of art. The 3-D effects are really fantastic. Sursa