sâmbătă, 25 iunie 2011

Open letter to Mr.Roger Waters - from Romania

Dear Mr. Waters

I’m a Romanian listener of your music, that I appreciate very much and which I think is maybe the best music that was made in our time.

Once, in times of communism, when I was just a teenager, I d’ont have access to your music, because they, our leaders communists thought your music to be forbidden , they considered your music as dangerous for the people, because they desire freedom stirred. In those hard times, young people make big sacrifices to listen your music, (so that listening to your music on the Radio Free Europe), because we, youg Romanian people considered your music a form of escape from the communist camp and did everything possible to have access to music beyond the wall, which they feared so much communists

Times have changed and here again we in Romania, we can not enjoy your music in concert, and do not understand why? Maybe it’s all our fault, I do not know what to say ... Or who knows, maybe blame those who led us, finally, no longer matter, the essential is that we, the youth of thirty or forty years ago, again we do not have access to your live music.

You played in almost all countries around Romania ... Closest to us was your concert in Budapest ... I cried when I could not come to your concert ... And I am sure that my three children have complained for the same reason, even if they told me that ... My children have grown and formed the character with your music.

Please excuse me if you consider my statements too hard, but it seems unfair that again and again, we, humans in this part of the world poor and sad, do not have the opportunity to see you and to listen your music live, in our country. I know that in our country we have a concert hall to meet the necessary conditions for a concert like yours, but if you will ever want to sing in a stadium, I want to inform you that in the shortest time in Romania, in Bucharest, will build a new and very modern stadium, which maybe will be good for you to hold a big, big concert, to the delight of thousands and thousands of people waiting on you thirty years to sing them as only you know to play music.

So, dear Mr. Waters, please to think well to these wonderful people in romania you expect and want you in their country, to sing them, and you make it sing, cry and laugh with you, dear friend ... Be sure you make many people happy if you come, make sure you have received that no one else, make sure that your career will be crowned with great success, if you come into the country which has suffered perhaps more from following the communist time and still suffer.

Romanian listeners of your music, waiting for you here in Romania to demolish the wall that once again separated us for so long times, the wall that separates us even today, since we do not yet have the freedom to enjoy your music and your presence in our country.

Please come to us, and please sing us, please make us to be happy with you and please come to us and be happy together whith us, dear friend ... I hope God give you good health and able to work to fulfill all your plans, and hope that God give you good thought, to come to us to sing as you know most well, for yours Romanians fans.

With love,
Doru Nastase, Romania!