miercuri, 7 martie 2012

WoodBox Radio - FX Pad

FXpad is a special edition of CAT software for the famous Tmate. Full control of your Software Defined Radio, as PowerSDR (TM), on a USB touchsreen desktop minimonitor and CAT software that, besides controlling the USB knob Tmate , creates a nice and confortable desktop virtual radio front panel with buttons and display as a real radio.

HAMpad is the most advanced accessories available in amateur Software Defined Radio market today: a touchscrenn USB minimonitor.
CAT control of FlexRadio Systems transceivers *

FXpad is a software, running on your PC, displays on a special Touchscreen minimonitor USB, direct supports Tmate USB console and CAT serial protocol.

HAMpad with FXpad and Tmate are the best combination for full desktop control of the Fleradio Suystems transceivers performed by PowerSDR (TM) (it must be active and CAT configured)

Many functions of PowerSDR are supported:
S-meter, Power out, SWR, ALC in realtime analog like meters, frequency readout, bands, filters, DSP, tune, a pratical numeric keyboard for direct frequency enter ad Macro CAT commands.

FXpad, with its handy touchscreen, makes available buttons with a functional GUI while Tmate makes available 4 multifunction real buttons and the tuning knob. (see below)

Using CAT and a pair of Virtual Serial Ports (we suggest VSPE by Eterlogic) you can control PowerSDR (TM) in many functions.

* Not tested with SDR-1000
* Some functions are not available for FLEX-1500 Sursa: http://www.woodboxradio.com/uk/FXpad.html