sâmbătă, 5 iulie 2008

Storm Thorgerson

Born in Potters bar in 1944 Storm's career took off in 1968 when he formed Hipgnosis with Aubrey Powell a graphic design studio specialising in creative photography mainly for album covers these included Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, 10CC, Yes, Peter Gabriel, Black Sabbath, Paul McCartney and many more. In 1983 Storm along with Aubrey and Peter Christopherson formed Green Back films and embarked on producing numerous rock videos. In 1994 Storm directed six short films for Pink Floyd which were screened at concerts during their world tour. Storm continues to design album covers and direct the occasional film along with writing and designing several books.

How would you describe Storm Thorgerson? Well, let's begin with a description that he gives of himself from one of a number of books that document his artistic output.

"When asked what I personally do I reply in a variety of ways. For Her Majesty's Customs I am a photographer. For the music press - a graphic designer. For film people I'm a director. For my mother an artist! For my loved ones, a pain in the butt. Sarcastic musicians see me as an organising ponce who doesn't do much actual work. True believers, ie employees, however, know I make images. I think of ideas, often in collaboration, and turn them into tangible visuals, be they still photographs or movies""

[ Storm Thorgerson, "Mind of Matter", Published by Sanctuary Publishing Limited, 2003 ]

Storm Thorgerson is the artist behind images synonymous with identifying the pop culture of the 1970's throughout and into the 1980's, 1990's and the Millennium. Creating visually beautiful and interesting art, Storm's work has featured on a variety of singles, album and CD covers, as well as posters. He is the author of several books including "Mind over Matter", "Walk Away Renee", "Album Cover Album" series, "Eye of the Storm" and "100 Best Album Covers".

Life began for Storm Thorgerson in 1944 in Potters Bar, Middlesex. He went to school at Summerhill free school and then Brunswick primary Cambridge. His secondary education was at local grammar Cambridge high School for boys. Storm earned a BA Honours in English and Philosophy from Leicester University (63 - 66) and finally an MA in film and TV from the Royal College of Art, London (66 - 69).

In 1968, Storm and Aubrey Powell (Po) formed "Hipgnosis", a graphic design studio specialising in creative photography. This creative company predominately worked within the music business designing the album covers for artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Black Sabbath, 10cc, Paul McCartney, and Peter Gabriel amongst many others.

Applying his creativity to moving images, Storm formed Green Back Films with Po and Peter Christopherson in 1983. Despite producing numerous music videos for the likes of Paul Young, Nik Kershaw, Robert Plant, Big Country and others, the company was not to last and imploded in 1985.

In 1985, undeterred, Storm went solo and continued directing music videos. His direction for the Pink Floyd video "Learning to Fly" won the best director award at the American Billboard Awards. Branching out, Storm began directing commercials too. His direction for the Tennants' Lager commercial "One Great Thing" won The Golden Rose in Scotland. Storm's work extended into documentaries, such as the two-part "Art of Tripping" for Channel 4 in 1993 which explored the connections between artists and drugs and an hour long science documentary "Rubber Universe" for Equinox. The following year, Storm directed for Pink Floyd six short films to be screened through the duration of their world tour.

Storm Thorgerson has continued creating and producing album covers for Pink Floyd, The Cranberries, Thunder and Ween as well as more recent artists such as Muse and The Mars Volta. In addition he has produced logos for bands such as Dream Theater, book covers for various titles by Douglas Adams, T-shirts for Bruce Dickinson and much more.

Storm Thorgerson is now 64. He has one son Bill with his first partner Libby and is now married to Barbie who has two children. They live in North London.